Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 13- Dry Falls, Home Sweet Home!

 Dry Falls!

Story of Dry Falls

Awesome Lady Bugs! These 

lady bugs are black with red 

spots which is very different but cool!


well, Heritage University and then HOME! :D WHOO HOO!

Day 12- Colville Tribe

Colville Tribe

Thanks to Barbara Friedlander, Bill Clark and Rick Desautel for sharing with our group of what your role is working for the Tribe. 

Pacific Aquaculture

Fish Farm

Group gathering around, 

awaiting to see what we get to do...

Small Boat Trip on the way out to the Fish Farm

Lady Jill- Named after the owners Wife!


looking at the fish

more looking at fish...

andd more looking at fish! haha.

Larger trout

Smaller trout

Fish food

Done looking at fish, back to the dock

Rick Desautel

Rick showed us the many pelts that he has. He told us a little information about each animal. He spoke of a total of 20 animals. Haha, He wasn't lying when he said he could speak for a long time! *Compliment, I could only speak for a long time, if I have been studying the topic for a semester! That area needs a little work >.< , anyways, besides the point, Thank You Rick! for sharing with us!

Day 11- Stonerose Museum in Republic!

Stonerose Museum 

Stonerose Museum

Stonerose Fossil Center!

Travis- Thanks! for informing our group 

of what to look for! It was very exciting!

Travis again...

Brandi, Morelia, & Ari's foot? Haha!

Groups searching for rocks to crack open...

Brought back selected rocks to chisel, Ari 

is determined to get her lake bed! 

I have never been so happy to see pine needles in my entire life! The rocks on the outside have pine needle fossils, the rock in the middle is the partial fossil of a leaf! It was very hard to find these, so I am very proud of myself! It was very hot, but worth it! I had fun, that was my first time doing that!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 10- Shimican Creek for Lunch & Fish Shocking

Shimican Creek

Pretty little falls

Pshhh...its not THAT far, I made it ^-^! Cali looks like a mermaid!

0.0 that looks pretty far! 

Fish Shocking

Get water boots on, the shocker thing, some nets, and a couple of buckets! Begin fish shocking to monitor the species in the stream!

Day 10- Spokane Tribe Fisheries/Wildlife Environmental Staff

Spokane Tribe Fisheries/Wildlife Environmental Staff

Short Introductions: 

  • Billy Joe Kiefer- Director for Spokane Tribe DNR
  • Warren Seyler- BPA Coordinator
  • John Matt- Heritage Coordinator
  • Bill Matt- Environmental Officer
  • Brian Crossley- DNR for Spokane Tribe Program 
  • Casey Flanagan- DNR for Spokane Tribes Project Manager
  •  Brent Nichols- Program Manager for Lake Roosevelt Fisheries

Thanks for sharing with us your job description and what you do, and giving us contact info!, I'm sure that will be very useful in the future! Nice to meet you all!

Wildlife Biologist- Candice Bennett, 

interns: Jackie, Braden, Vahn

Habitat Operations & Maintenance

  • tracks (winter)
  • track plate contains smelly old chicken for bait
  • scat collection- genetic analysis
  • hair snares- pulls off follicles of hair
  • monitoring camouflaged cameras 
  • Medium-Small carnivores

Preparation of Track Plates

Track Plates

Setting up Track Plate cover

Found a good spot to leave the Track Plates

Band Wagon members camouflaging

the track plates 

OH YEAH! completely camouflaged!


 Camera set up near the track plates to view images of tempting, hungry animals approaching the track plates

 Thanks to Candice! For giving us some insight of what you do when you're in the field!

Day 9- @ Wenix Red Elk & Family's Home!- Paint Making!

Paint Making @ Wenix & Family's home (:

Thank you Wenix for bringing home and welcoming 20+ new friends to spend the night at your house! Indian Tacos were scrumptious! Thanks for cooking for us! It was very fun to play volleyball, roast marshmallows, and Thanks to Shelayah (sorry if I spelled it wrong >.< ) for teaching everyone how to play stick games! Jayla and I are pretty good at hiding the bones! ^-^ 

Chrissy giving a scientifical lesson of paint making

Chrissy mixing and adding stuffs to make the paint mixture adding make the paint thicker...I guess. Haha. 

Crushing of minerals?... as close to fine powder as possible

 Workin hard er 

hardly workin??

Awesome Job guys! 
Keep up the good work!

Took a little work to get the colors you wanted, to figure out what you wanted to paint, also to powderize the minerals?... anyways, very veryy long processs! look! im beginning to spell stuffs wrong just thinking of how long that took! ^-^ haha!

Day 8- Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation- Wenix Red Elk

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation- First Foods Management- Department of Natural Resources

Representative of all 180 workers- Wenix- (echoing from mountain canyon) Red Elk 

Wenix Red Elk preparing her presentation for us

Mission Statement

"To protect, restore, and enhance the first foods- water, salmon, deer, cous, and huckleberry- for the perpetual cultural, economic, and sovereign benefit of the CTUIR. We will accomplish this utilizing traditional ecological and cultural knowledge and science to inform: 1) population and habitat management goals and actions; and 2) natural resource policies and regulatory mechanisms"


Meacham Creek (current project site)

*Big Thanks to: Wildlife Research Biologist Project Leader- Bruce Johnson! For helping transport some of us (Ari, Brandi, Morelia, and Myself) to the area Wenix was originally going to bring us, until we got 5 flat/blown out tires. We learned a lot from you! Thanks for letting us pick a part your brain by asking you a lot of questions in the short amount of time we had with you! You provided us with lots of useful information, and transportation! ^-^

After all the craziness of 5! I repeat: 5! flat/blown out tires, we got to walk along Meacham Creek, which is extremely beautiful. It was a good walk!, and a very nice view! Thank You Wenix for taking all of us out to the site to let us see and hear from you about whats currently going on! 

further view

closer view

Nice walk to and from the site, 

Wenix brought us to.

Say Cheese! Haha Haver!- the only 

one ready for the picture!

Wenix speaking of the 

site/ answering questions